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Electronic Banking

If you have always wanted to save money electronically? This is your opportunity, you can save money electronically at no cost, no personal information needed, with just an email address and you have your account. Easy way to credit account using cash, bank transfers etc. We have offices where you can also withdraw at cost free or transfer to any account you want but local transfer tariff might be included but very reasonable and cheap. We also have a market place where you can buy things at an affordable rate. We help vendors display their goods and make payment, only good products are paid for, all vendors are tested and trusted.

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Bitcoin To Fiat Currency Calculator

You can also make use of our bitcoin converter, help you with changing from fiat to crypto currency. You can also use other converter has we can guarantee 100 percentage accurancy and try to get our attention if you are not satisfied.

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A simple Financial system
Create your account

Click on the register button to create your account. Fill in your information on the registration page and await a confirmation email. You then login into your account.

Fund Your account

Funding of accounts is done manually by the admin. You can contact them through email, phone call or the live chat. It is not automated for security reasons. You can click on the deposit or withdraw in your dashboard. If its urgent you can send an email or call.

Perform transactions

There is an easy way for you to perform transactions, either deposit or withdraw or when you want to buy things in our market place. All you have to do is follow the instructions given.

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Latest News
You can use our Service in Cotonou, Benin Republic

Our electronic banking services is now available to everyone in Benin Republic. You can open an account with us and withdraw at anytime without charges, make transfers and do you exchange with us. Terms and conditions applies. Make sure you read our user agreements.

Buy and Sell with us

You can purchase stuffs from Temi_Closet, Oluwabiggie mobiles, lemon club, bbjoint, Jeada fruits, Ojai's Corner even book a room with lime hotel amongst others using our platform. No need to move around with cash anymore. Money will just be deducted from your account after purchase have been confirmed. If wish your merchandise displayed here you can contact us.

Loans are available for students

Loans are available for account users but terms and conditions applies. You have to have an account with us before you can apply for loan.